Nominated for Master Builder of the year 2010 & 2011

Garage Cinema In Diseworth Leicestershire

Mr and Mrs Holt felt that the time had come for them to reinvent their 60 year-old home in Diseworth, Leicestershire, to better suit their needs. When asked about the reasons for the project, Mrs Holt said, “It’s a man thing! The cinema room is an answer to my husband’s midlife crisis! It was that, or a sports car, and at least this way we all benefit!”

Extremely keen film buffs, they decided that their single garage was better suited to being a cinema room to feed their habit, rather than a place to store their car! By converting the garage, set away from the rest of the house, the couple gained an entrance hall and a multi-media complex with high-tech equipment, the provision of the latter was not part of the Blackstone project! The larger entrance hall has made the Holt home more welcoming.

The decision was also made to convert the playroom into two rooms. A smaller playroom was kept for use by their children, aged four and seven, and a study was also created. The project took three months and was completed in November 2007.

Commenting on the new purpose of their garage, Mrs Holt said, “We love our home and wanted to reinvent it in some way, reusing the space we have to best address our needs now. Blackstone delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner and were available to discuss any aspect of the project as it progressed. Reliable and professional we could not have asked for anymore and are thrilled with the result.”

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