Nominated for Master Builder of the year 2010 & 2011

Church conversion

Over a period of six months, April to October 2006, a one hundred and fifty year old Methodist church in Chilwell Nottingham, was successfully converted into a three bedroom apartment building. Designed originally to house a congregation, with the acoustics to manage such an event, the project proved interesting and challenging, testing Blackstone’s capabilities and demonstrating Blackstone at its best.

Blackstone took full responsibility for planning and designing the renovation demonstrating excellent project management skills and full use of the professional team and the Blackstone process of working. Working with plans created by the client to renovate the church, built in 1857, to contemporary apartments, Blackstone managed all the checks and approvals necessary from the council throughout the building process.

The ground floor was converted into a three-bedroom apartment and the upstairs was converted into two split-level two-bedroom apartments. An extra floor was added to enable split-level apartments on the first floor. It was important that the historical aspect of the old building was intertwined with the contemporary look of the new apartments. To this end, the original features of the church were maintained and built around, some of which proved to be a challenge.

To meet conservation regulations, new windows were made especially to be in keeping with the original windows. The original windows had to be worked around as part of the design of the apartments giving a unique feel to the property.

As part of the building regulations approval process, sound testing needed to be conducted. All materials that Blackstone used, such as plasterboard and insulation, were to meet thermal and acoustic values necessary for regulatory purposes. The conversion from a church to apartments meant that the acoustics of the original building needed to be toned down! Blackstone successfully demonstrated its project management capabilities and attention to detail and the converted church was approved as three apartments.

When commenting on the workmanship of Blackstone, Angela Vickers, owner of the apartments said, “We couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

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